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Whether you need to ACCEPT 1 CREDIT CARD for payment annually or process thousands... We have a payment solution for you, simply call and ask away!!!
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Want to ACCEPT credit cards but DO NOT want to PAY fees when you're not accepting payment with credit cards? 

We have the SOLUTION!

Introducing: the perfect answer
 to accept credit cards with fees starting at 2.69% per sale when the credit card is present AND unlike SQUARE; there are NO TRANSACTION fees on credit card sales conducted face to face  (in person) 

NO ADDITIONAL FEE PER TRANSACTION (just that small percentage per sale each time you use it)! 

When you swipe a client/customers Visa, Mastercard or Discover credit card, this small percentage (2.69%) is taken out of the sale and the rest is deposited into the bank of your choice!

When you accept payment from a customers card for $100.00  only 2.69% is taken out ($2.69) the next business day $97.31 is deposited to the bank account that you provide during the application process.   ($2.69 is what is paid to the company providing this service, the rest goes to YOU!)

Have No Tax ID? NO PROBLEM!  If you have a social security number, this can be used

Maybe you want to accept credit cards for a venture that you started from home, a side hustle that you do only a few times a year or simply sell personal items?

Maybe you are holding an estate sale or tag/garage sale  - no worries - Simply sign up as an individual or sole proprietor using your Social Security number - simply click the link or scan the code and get started today!

You'll receive a FREE SWIPER/EMV CARD READER FOR ALL APPROVED APPLICANTS in as quickly as a few hours up until a few days during busy seasons!

Simply be sure to indicate that you DO NOT have (but would like) a free reader! Be mindful that it comes in a padded envelope and arrives REGULAR MAIL!

 Set up a free 'pay as you go' merchant account to use on your smart phone today BE SURE TO TEXT 813-833-7449 to ensure I follow up with your application process - call before you apply if you have any questions or would like help in completing the online application
 click this link now, you'll need your banking info :
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