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Whether you need to ACCEPT 1 CREDIT CARD for payment or process thousands... We have a payment solution for you!!!
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Want to ACCEPT credit cards but DO NOT want to PAY fees if you're not taking cards? 

We have the SOLUTION!!

Introducing PHONESWIPE, the perfect credit card so
lution for your business with transaction fees starting at 2.69% per sale (transaction) with NO TRANSACTION fees on cards that are SWIPED! 

When you swipe a client/customers Visa, Mastercard or Discover credit card, this small percentage is taken out of the sale and the rest is deposited into the bank of your choice!
If you swipe a customers card for $100.00 - 2.69% is taken out and then the next day $97.31 is deposited to the bank you provide during the application process.  
($2.69 is what is paid to the company providing this service)

Have No Tax ID? NO PROBLEM! 

Maybe you want to accept credit cards for a venture that you started from home?
Or even holding an estate sale or tag/garage sale  - no worries - Simply sign up as an individual or sole proprietor using the last 4 digits of your Social Security number - simply click the link or scan the code and get started today!


Simply be sure to check the box when asked if you'd like a free reader! Be mindful that it comes in a padded envelope and arrives REGULAR MAIL!

 Set up a free 'pay as you go' merchant account for your smart phone today by scanning the QR Code above with an optical reader OR : 
place your mouse here and click this link now:
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